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World Bipolar Day

World Bipolar Day is celebrated each year on March 30th, the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh, who is widely believed to have suffered from bipolar disorder.

In Australia, Bipolar Australia aims to use World Bipolar Day to help bring the good news about recovery to people affected by the condition, and to educate the community about bipolar. Bipolar Australia believe encouraging people to seek out help, and working to eliminate social stigma, will together bring about our core goal of making recovery possible for every Australian with bipolar disorder.

The core initiative is ‘Blow Bubbles for Bipolar’, which gives everyone affected by the condition a fun and easy activity that can be used to celebrate the occasion with colleagues, friends, and family. Bubbles were symbolically chosen, because people with bipolar who become manic are often described as “bubbly” personalities, while watching the bubbles crash back down represents the depressive phase of the condition. The recovery journey that people embark upon when they get help is symbolised by the rainbow that can be seen when a group blows enough bubbles together.

Celebrate World Bipolar Day with Let’s Have A Chat Inc’s (LHAC) FREE community event to be held at the Broadwater Parklands on Saturday 30th March 2019.

From 10am to 2pm, you can try art therapy and yoga, enjoy live music from Sky in July, La Lune Medicine Band and the LHAC Choir, as well as a petting zoo, face painting, a jumping castle and crazy candles.

A highlight of the event will be the unique opportunity for the community to engage with the LHAC Human Library, an amazing group of people who either live with Bipolar Disorder or care for someone with Bipolar Disorder who will share their knowledge and insights.

For more information about LHAC Inc’s World Bipolar Day celebrations, contact Ian on 0468 706 744 or [email protected] or visit

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