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Diana Bennet – Facilitator

For as long as Diana Bennet can remember, she always wanted to be a primary school teacher. A last-minute decision, however, led Diana to study a Bachelor of Human Services, majoring in Child and Family Studies, and she has never looked back.

Diana clearly loves her career and the path it has taken her on, as she glowingly describes the FSG and PIR teams she works with. “Everyone does good work,” says Diana.

During her study, Diana completed a field placement at FSG’s enVision service, and absolutely loved it. In fact, she never left. After graduating, Diana successfully obtained a position at FSG, and has happily worked as part of the team there for over 10 years.

While at enVision, Diana proudly worked on the Residents Support Program, focusing on boarding houses and hostels. Diana explained that individuals in these environments often have mental illness or intellectual disabilities, and are extremely vulnerable. At that stage, they were not being adequately supported by the private owners running the boarding houses and hostels, in some cases living in dirty, sometimes squalid conditions, and with no blankets in the middle of winter.

Diana says, “If enVision hadn’t stepped in, who knows what would have happened to these people”. Thankfully, the team at enVision, were able to improve the outlook for the residents by advocating for their personal care and also linking them to their communities.

Wanting to continue her development in the mental health sector, Diana secured a position in September last year as a Support Facilitator with Partners In Recovery. Since being at PIR, Diana has helped to organise the Carer and Consumer Forum, as well as assisting to create the PIR Hoarding Project.  Diana spent time with Centacare, researching the Hoarding and Squalor service they provide to the community in Brisbane.

Diana is now working with 22 PIR clients, meeting with them, building a rapport, assessing their needs, and working out how PIR can help them on their individual journeys of recovery.

“That is my favourite part of the job – meeting the individuals. I am meeting amazing, fascinating people who have so many stories to tell. I am so privileged to be a part of that” Diana says.

Diana Bennet

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