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Kate’s Story

It took being sucked into a black hole of depression, negative thinking, addiction and a suicide attempt for her to realise she needed help. That help came from some incredible organisations and people such as Queensland Health Alcohol & Other Drug Support (AODS), Palm Beach Community Mental Health and Partners in Recovery.

In short it was the right people for Kate working in the right organisations for Kate and applying the right approaches for Kate. Also it was the meaningful relationships with Neil (Social Work Superstar), Annette (Clinical Health Nurse) and Facilitator Adam who she developed trust, trust that came from compassion, empathy, understanding and acceptance. All of these things helped Kate to grow the inner strength she needed.

In Kate’s own words, “I finally found my strength to keep reaching out for the right person and programs that were useful for me. All of these people over time kept me accountable towards my hopes and dreams.” Finally another great source of help comes from her terrier dog, ‘Daisy’.2016-10-kay-and-daisy
“When it, the depression is around, my terrier dog ‘Daisy’ helps me out of that dark place through shared love, cuddles, friendly company, forced walks and outside toilet breaks. Daisy has been one of the things that kept me going,” Kate says.

Now Kate has hope.
Now Kate has support.
Now Kate can actually plan for a future.

Of course she still has dark times, but these have become shorter and less intense because of the meaningful relationships developed.
When I first met Kate, I noticed bright orange-yellow stains on her fingers. These stains came from the spice turmeric which Kate uses in her cooking. Apart from being one of the world’s healthiest food, it also symbolises inner pride and inner purity which Kate has developed in abundance.

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