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Adam’s Story

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Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes stated, “The Phoenix hope, can wing her through the desert skies, and still defying fortune’s spite; revive from the ashes and rise.” From spending time listening to Adam’s inspirational story, this quote sums up his life to date.

Adam was angry. He was withdrawn. He was socially isolated. He was completely dependent on others. He misused alcohol. He self-harmed. He was in a volatile situation. These all reduced him to ashes, however from the ashes he arose like a Phoenix to become full of hope.

How? Through his choices.

He chose to connect with those he needed because he wanted to change. He didn’t want to be angry or withdrawn or socially isolated or dependent on others any longer. He didn’t want to misuse alcohol or self-harm and he wanted out of the volatile situation he was in.
By connecting with Partners in Recovery Facilitator Nicola Wright from Aftercare, Mental Health Community Worker Freeman McCowan from Mental Illness Fellowship Queensland, Physiotherapist Jemma Irwin and other allied health services, he has achieved a sense of freedom, empowerment and of course, Hope.

Now Adam is calm, engaging, living independently and has increased his social networks. He has also stopped misusing alcohol and self-harming and has developed his own computer repairs business where he provides services to concession card holders. These services include the installation of Windows, Linux, printers and networks, the removal of viruses and Windows data recovery. This is a great achievement for someone who about a year ago had no freedom, hope and felt powerless. Adam welcomes anyone wanting to access his service or know more to contact him on 0468 826 409.

Adam has a Japanese Koi fish tattooed on his arm. Japanese Koi fish symbolise bravery and perseverance, traits that Adam now has in abundance.

Written by Duane William Katene

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