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Voicebox Project

The Voicebox Project is an innovative program provided by PIR Gold Coast and Gold Coast Primary Health Network empowering a group of Gold Coast residents to share their stories and to help improve access to health and community services.

The project consists of local Gold Coast people, with first hand experience of mental illness and/or disability, who attended a series of workshops to improve skills in advocacy, peer research, public speaking and creative documentation.

Supported participants developed skills to confidently and effectively share their experiences and to advocate on behalf of those with mental illness and/or disability.

Voicebox Stories

View the captioned versions of these videos Here.

Voicebox 2

Voicebox 2 Overview

"Renovate your mind" - Markus

"Evolving" - Delphine

"Walkup" - Francine

"Caring Better" - Ian

"Be mindful of your mental health" - Lee

"Broken Minds and Jigsaw Puzzles" - Michelle

"You might have to get wet" – Scott

"Did you know?" - Anita

"Isolated" – Bullying Story

"The Men’s shed" - Michael

"I'm just like you" - Sharyn

"Mental illness can happen to anyone" - Tracey

Grief... it could be you...

Voicebox 1

Voicebox 1 Overview

Let's talk about mental health and wellbeing.

The importance of consulting with consumers.

We have the power to change.

UR OK- We are all different

Asperges: A message for newly diagnosed

Asperges: What is Asperges

Depression: Poem

Dual diagnosis: My story

Peer support workers

We need more access to psychologist

Recovery and wellness

Severe depression: My story

Depression and Anxiety: Shifting the Feelings

Depression in my life

Do you have a secret monster?

Anger and abuse in a child's life

Running helped me express myself

My connections with Palm Beach House

Amazing Journey

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PIR is a Federally funded program. Other consortia members include Gold Coast Health and Mental Health Association QLD