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Plus Social Program

Plus Social will provide support to Gold Coasters with severe mental health conditions being managed in primary care and enable them access to a new, federally-funded program which sees GPs at the centre of coordinated health care involving, amongst others, psychiatrists and allied health workers. A new Community Based Safe Space will also be open for extended hours and play a key role as a friendly ‘shop‐front’ area for participants to increase access to services and connection to peer support, well together activities, after hours services and and partner services.

Plus Social provides:

  • Service information, intake and triage service into currently funded GCPHN organisations
  • Clinical care coordination, and
  • After hours community based space.

The clinical care coordination component provides:

  • supports for individuals with, or for young people at risk of, severe mental illness
  • time limited (up to 26 weeks) clinical care coordination and wellbeing program
  • structured, recovery and goal oriented services focused on creating significant improvements in quality of life, health and wellbeing
  • the patient-centred medical home and healthcare neighbourhood model, to support integrated care and enhanced community access to supports.

Referrals to the Plus Social Program can only be from a GP or private psychiatrist. The service provider for Plus Social is Primary and Community Care Services Limited.

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PIR is a Federally funded program. Other consortia members include Gold Coast Health and Mental Health Association QLD