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Monday to Friday, 9am - 3pm

Hearing Voices Group QLD

First Wednesday each month

Hearing Voices Group is a safe environment that offers the opportunity to explore the experiences of living with voices, paranoia, and other mental health experiences.

When: First Wednesday each month
Time: 2pm – 3:30pm
Where: Owen Park. 10 Mick Veivers Way. Off Queens Street, Southport

For more information, contact Marina: 0418 599 865 or email: [email protected] or join Hearing Voices Queensland on Facebook.

Click here to download the flyer.

About Hearing Voices Support Groups

Hearing Voices Groups are a safe environment that encourages interdependency, the intrinsic value of a shared lived experience and self-empowerment within individuals.

The Hearing Voices Approach is not about trying to get rid of your voices. It’s about changing the relationship you have with them. Dealing with fear, anger and shame. Getting support where you need it. Learning to get control.

This approach is based on Prof Marius Romme and Sandra Escher’s research which found that many people hear voices without distress or ever needing to seek mental health services. Voice hearers who cope have different skills, beliefs and supports, compared to those in distress.

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