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15 Stress-busting activities to help you relax

Perhaps you’ve been late to work three times this week, have been struggling to get to sleep and even moreso trying to wake up. Maybe you felt frazzled during in traffic, forgot to text your brother on his birthday and it’s still playing on your mind. And now you can feel that tickle in your throat that hints at an oncoming flu.

All these things are warning signs that you’re not taking care of yourself as best as you can. What you need is to put some time in your diary for relaxation. Yes, you should plan to relax.

Block out an hour in your calendar to try one of these stress-busting activities.

  • Do some gentle exercise
  • Spend time with a furry friend
  • Tune into (instrumental) music
  • Smell a cuppa
  • Spend time in a garden
  • Complete a brainteaser
  • Sing or dance
  • Salute the sun
  • Be grateful
  • Look at photos of events that you remember fondly
  • Try acupressure
  • Get wet
  • Find Nemo
  • Create something
  • Take a nap

To find out more about these simple yet effective techniques, visit the website here.

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