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PIR is a consortia made up of the following service providers:

Voicebox Project

A series of inspirational and thought provoking videos on personal experiences of living with menatal illness are now available online.

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PIR has now transitioned to the NDIS and GCPHN commissioned services

For enquiries related to current services:


  • Contact NDIS on 1800 800 110 or;
  • Contact the Local Area Coordinators at Carers Qld on 07 5671 7600.


Community Psychosocial Support Services:

  • Primary and Community Care Services

Gold Coast Primary Health Network funds the Plus Social program, which provides options for managing a participant’s mental health for people with severe mental illness. Referrals are via a GP or private psychiatrist.

Contact 07 3186 4000.


Gold Coast Mental Health Services

  • Gold Coast Primary Health Network funds a range of local services from mild, moderate to severe mental health and there are also a number of additional services for Gold Coast residents that provide mental health support.

Download/print a list of available services


Continuity of Support Services and/or Psychosocial Transition Services

  • Contact the your relevant support worker at:
    • RFQ:
    • Aftercare:

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Real stories from
the Gold Coast

  • Nikki Webber Allen is a well-educated, highly accomplished, Emmy Award-winning Black American woman who was diagnosed with generalised anxiety and depression. When she finally accepted her diagnosis, she still refused to tell anyone about it. Nikki was too ashamed, feeling that with her privileged life, loving family and successful career, she didn’t have the right to be depressed. A family tragedy brought Nikki’s world crashing down, but proved to be the catalyst for her to find her voice to speak out against stigma.

    Ted Talks - Don't suffer from your depression in Silence

  • Hannah likes hanging out, going to the movies, and playing Cards Against Humanity. Hannah also has schizophrenia, and admits when she was diagnosed, she didn’t know much about it except for the negative stereotypes. With SANE, Hannah is working to raise awareness of this misunderstood illness and stop the stigma and harmful labelling which surrounds it.

    Meet Hannah

  • When Kristy was experiencing anxiety, depression and PTSD, and her life was being turned upside-down, a Samsung tablet was the catalyst in her recovery journey. The device, along with the encouragement of PIR staff, enabled Kristy to reignite her creative self, discover ways to slow her “super anxious fast overthinking brain” and find her voice again.

    MY Story

  • At 28 years of age, Anna was hospitalised under a forensic order, which marked the start of a decade-long journey of repeated drug use, mental health issues and revolving door admissions to hospital. Anna’s story sounds bleak. However, Partners In Recovery has been able to work alongside Anna on her journey of recovery, enabling Anna to restore hope into her life.

    Anna’s Story

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PIR is a Federally funded program. Other consortia members include Gold Coast Health and Mental Health Association QLD