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A series of inspirational and thought provoking videos on personal experiences of living with menatal illness are now available online.

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PIR will be transitioning to NDIS

The ultimate objective of PIR is to improve the system response to, and outcomes for, people with severe and persistent mental illness who have complex needs.

Previously PIR has focused on care coordination needs, based on the PIR eligibility. This lead PIR to look at what linkages were appropriate for each participant for community and clinical supports, while identifying gaps and barriers and providing overall care coordination of supports.

With the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to the Gold Coast from 1st July 2018, PIR’s focus has shifted to provide support for people with severe and persistent mental illness who wish to apply for the NDIS. This will be done through providing support in gathering clinical evidence that identifies the functional impacts relating to a psychosocial disability.
PIR participant’s will therefore now be:

  • PIR eligible, NDIS eligible and require a level of care coordination
  • NDIS eligible and PIR eligible but don’t require care coordination at this stage

If a person is not requiring care coordination at this point in time but still meets the eligibility of PIR and NDIS, PIR can support them through the NDIS evidence gathering process and potentially provide care coordination once the NDIS planning phase starts.

Read more about PIR here or NDIS here

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Real stories from
the Gold Coast

  • At 28 years of age, Anna was hospitalised under a forensic order, which marked the start of a decade-long journey of repeated drug use, mental health issues and revolving door admissions to hospital. Anna’s story sounds bleak. However, Partners In Recovery has been able to work alongside Anna on her journey of recovery, enabling Anna to restore hope into her life.

    Anna’s Story

  • Kylie knows first-hand the nuances of psychosocial disability, having been in hospital 34 times in the last three and a half years. During this time she has seen this so-called “invisible” disability impact all aspects of her life ­- her confidence, independence, social inclusion, family relationships and everyday tasks.

    Kylie's NDIS Story

  • “When people think of mental illness they picture that homeless man on the beach. They don’t think of me in a nice tailored suit counting roses and playing cupid on your television.” Osher Günsberg, the new SANE Australia Board Member, discusses his journey with mental health and how he’s helping to stop the stigma surrounding it, one podcast at a time.

    Osher: 'It’s been nearly three years since I lost my mind'

  • Ayshe’s story is a heartbreaking journey of addiction, depression, suicidal thoughts, and family breakdown. But it’s also a story of determination for a better life, and an example of how the puzzle of life can finally start to fall into place when supports and programs are found that suit an individual on their unique journey of recovery. Be inspired by Ayshe here.

    Ayshe’s Story

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PIR is a Federally funded program. Other consortia members include Gold Coast Health and Mental Health Association QLD